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Stories Unroll'd

Sep 6, 2021

The awakening is upon us. With the mysterious artifact in hand, the Mirror Force 5™ begins to hatch a plan on what to do around the fire at Camp Happypants. Ricky has a peculiar dream, J'yn sweeps someone off his feet, and Vagas cracks wise. At the foot of the Shepherd, the party meets a peculiar stranger, and Hector goes down.


This show is edited by our very own Lucas Cardwell & Ryan Normile.


Music this week by Ryan Normile.


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Instagram/Twitter/Tiktok: @storiesunrolld


Stories Unroll’d is:


Ryan Normile (Dungeon Master)

Kalli Brassard (J’ynzelea)

John Montiquila (Hector Ross)

Lucas Cardwell (Ricky Dawn)

Klaus Cunningflower (Vagas Ornada)